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    Day 1: SATURDAY, November 18th

    "For us there is only one cannabis!"

    Parallel to the fair, at the Cannadouro Conferences we always offer visitors information about the Recreational, Therapeutic and Medicinal use of Cannabis today, through a vast panel of lectures.

    The objectives of this cycle of Lectures, Round Tables and Workshops are the following:

    1. Analyze the new drug law in Portugal and its implications

    2. Promote free access to cannabis for Portuguese patients

    3. Launch a “Cannabis Revolution”, which reactivates the Street Marches for the Legalization of Cannabis in 2024.

    4. Present concrete proposals for legalizing the non-medical use of cannabis in Portugal

    Day 2: SUNDAY, November 19th

    HEMP MEETING, 2nd edition
    The rebirth of agro-industrial hemp in Portugal!

    A day of lectures with international speakers from various areas within the industrial hemp sector.

    The objectives of this cycle of Lectures, Round Tables and Workshops are the following:

    1. Reactivate and relaunch cultivation and activities related to the use of hemp fiber, straw, seeds and biomass.

    2. Provide participants with basic knowledge to be able to move forward with projects for the cultivation, transformation and use of industrial hemp

    3. Discuss formulas for the existence of legal CBD in Portugal, proposing possible models for hemp farmers and processors

    4. Inform, through 2 workshops, about the basic properties and techniques associated with hemp paper and construction with hemp


    Our plant allows us to regenerate the planet, change the logic of construction, improve the health and well-being of patients and also allow us to travel and expand consciousness, to dream and create a better world, without violence and without war!!

    Sat, 18 Nov 2023



    Free access to cannabis

    Nuno Lima Activist Movement Mothers for Cannabis

    Paula Mota Lawyer Movement Mothers for Cannabis


    Cannabis Revolution, activists meeting

    Dinis Dias CEO Magic Courtyard

    Henrique Pinto Founding Member Clorofila 560

    Inês Queirós Activist Cannabis Revolution

    João Carvalho Director Cannadouro

    Sun, 19 Nov 2023

    Sponsor diario teste


    Cannabis consultancy, cultivating sustainability

    Hugo Monteiro Founding Member Cannapro

    Joana Farinha Agricultural Engineer Cannapro

    Rita Oliveira Consultant Cannapro


    Legal CBD in Portugal: possible models for hemp farmers and processors

    Joana Silveira Botelho Lawyer Cuatrecasas

    Leonardo Sousa Manager and Entrepreneur Lynx Hemp Products

    Margarita Cardoso de Meneses Cannareporter and Cannadouro Magazine

    Mattia Cusani General Secretary Canapa Sativa Italia

    Sebastien Béguerie Biologist Kanavape


    Hemp Paper + workshop

    Andris Visnevskis Food Engineer Obelisk Farm



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