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The 3rd CANNADOURO EDITION will be held on 23 and 24 November 2019 again at the Alfandega do Porto, the old customs of Oporto, considered the best Congress Center in Europe awarded the Business Destinations Travel Awards in 2014, 2015 and 2017.

Located in the historic center of Porto on the banks of the River Douro, this historic building was restored by Souto Moura, a portuguese architect who received the Pritzker Prize for Architecture in 2011, considered the “Nobel” of architecture and the Wolf Prize in Arts in 2013.

The exhibition space of this year’s edition will again be occupied by national and international companies related to the current uses of cannabis and that represent all the innovative and business capacity of this sector in a strong worldwide expansion.

The conferences continue to be a commitment by Cannadouro to promote the public debate and within civil society regarding the use of hemp in all its aspects: industrial, recreational and medicinal. The entire conference area will be enlarged and soundproofed to ensure the best conditions for the visitors..

Cannadouro maintains the objective of contributing to the information of users and promoting the conscious use of cannabis in order to prevent and minimize individual and public health problems.

In this year’s edition the Food & Bar catering area will have culinary products prepared with hemp.

The interior space of Cannadouro will again feature a space dedicated to children and families, on an event with smoke-free environment.

In the outer zone there will always be a smoking area and as a novelty of the 3rd Edition, there will be a vaporization zone!


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Sat, 23 Nov 2019


Cânhamo cooperativo: um estudo de caso em Portugal

André Costa Lusicanna, Cooperativa Agrícola de Produtores de Cânhamo de Portugal

Utilização de Cânhamo na construção

César Cardoso Civil Engineer SKREI
Francisco Adão da Fonseca Architect SKREI

Apresentação do livro: Uma Mãe de F.I.R.E.S. (Febrile Infection-Related Epilepsy Syndrome)

Carla Dias Observatório Português Canábis Medicinal

Mesa Redonda: Cannabis politicamente incorrecta. Pelos pacientes, liberdade do uso recreativo e defesa do cânhamo agro-industrial

André Costa Lusicanna, Cooperativa Agrícola de Produtores de Cânhamo de Portugal
Carla Dias Observatório Português Canábis Medicinal
Jorge Roque Director Internacional da BrugerForeningen, Copenhagen
Moisés Ferreira Bloco de Esquerda

How I Cured Crohn: Cannabis patient oriented talk

Mike Wise Researcher OG Labs


Sun, 24 Nov 2019


A economia circular – Reaproveitamento dos subprodutos das produções de Canábis Medicinal

João Costa Cannacasa, Associação do Cânhamo Industrial

The path of medicinal cannabis users associativism in Spain

Sandra Moñino Alonso UPRC, Union de Pacientes por la Regulación del Cannabis



Cannabis in Germany: current situation

Tim Dresemann German Institute for Medical Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis in Brazil: The importance of associations, legislation and perspectives.

Pedro Luís Pereira Director Associação Brasileira de Cannabis Medicinal

CBD technology and the future of this industry

Noah Laith Sativida CEO SATIVIDA


    • Saturday, 23
      11h > 20h
    • Domingo, 24
      11h > 20h
  • Access Guidelines


Centro de Congressos da Alfandega
Best Business Destinations Travel Awards 2014 e 2015,  
Situated in the World Heritage Historic Centre of Oporto, on the banks of the river Douro, in a historic building rehabilitated by the architect Eduardo Souto de Moura, 2011 Pritzker Prize Laureate.


R. Nova da Alfândega,
4400 Porto

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  • Alberto Pires

    Commercial Director

    I was born in France but returned to Portugal when I was a child, later I started working as a mechanic and later as an assembly line technician.

    At 40 years of age, I am an entrepreneur, specifically owner of the Grow Shop Planeta Sensi, and since 2017 I have been dedicated to the organization of Cannadouro, International  Hemp Fair of Porto.

  • João Carvalho

    Event Director

    I was born in 1977 in the heart of the city of Porto and I graduated in History, Archeology  by the  the University of Porto.
    In 2003 I co-authored the "Brief History of Cannabis in Portugal", as an appendix to the 2nd edition of Jack Herer's "Emperos wears no clothes",  from the publishing company Via Optima, which remains the only text dealing with the portuguese secular and historical relationship with hemp.
    In 2008 and 2009 I was the organizer and spokesperson of the Global Marijuana. March of Porto.
    More recently I have been present in various political initiatives in favor of the total legalization of cannabis and I am one of the co-organizers of Cannadouro, International Fair of Hemp of Porto, where it is intended to promote, to make known and to stimulate all uses of this plant.

  • Marco Raposo

    Public Relations

    I was born in Gaia in 1981, I graduated in Economics from the University of Porto and from Ege university in Turkey. I had jobs in different areas and countries: India, Turkey, Tunisia and Portugal. From the Portuguese embassy, local government, SMEs, micro enterprises and start ups. I founded the Movimento Terra Solta Association. At the moment I am consultant and work in projects that integrate the social and environmental components, based on the circular economy. I use and investigate the use of cannabis, in its various purposes: gastronomic, medicinal, spiritual, textile and insulation.

  • Marco Valente

    Multimedia Coordinator

    Born in 1989, I am a native of Torre de Moncorvo, Trás-os-Montes. Graduated in Commercial Management and Marketing Techniques from Instituto Superior Ciências Empresariais e Turismo (ISCET), I deepened my knowledge in the area of Multimedia over the years and with these tools I develop much of my work. At present, I am a freelancer of photography, video and digital marketing.
    From marketing management and advertising to production and organization events, there were several my jobs, during and after my academic training.
    I take a strong interest in the fields of organic farming, mushroom production, sustainability and, for all the thousands of potentialities of the Cannabis plant, in my opinion, the greatest renewable resource on our planet!

  • Marta Sampaio

    Marketing and Communication

    I was born in Porto in 1987. I graduated in Portuguese and Lusophone Studies from the University of Minho in 2008.
    In the same University I did two Post-graduations, one in Cultural Studies and another in Theory of Literature, in the Cinema Branch.
    In 2011 I joined the team of MEDIAsounds, a company dedicated to communication and cultural production, a project that I continue to embrace these days. I like to travel because it allows me direct contact and study of different cultures.
    I am an activist in relation to Hemp due to the diverse potentialities of the plant that despite having a direct cultural relationship with Portuguese history was manipulated worldwide by large corporations. It is a kind of damn plant, allocated to various stigmas based on disinformation precisely because of the multidisciplinary potential of uses of this natural resource for medicinal and industrial purposes, far beyond the controversial recreational use.

  • Hugo Amadeu Santos

    Design + WebDesign

    Born the 4th of September of 1974, Hugo went through the Portuguese revolution in the warmth and confort of the womb.  Years later, after graduating in Communication Design he freelanced his way to the business world. He believes graphic design is a great tool both for education and inspiration, so from the start he always tried to gravitate towards social and ecological causes, companies or events. He has developed  work for environmental causes,  movie documentaries,  book covers, and more.

    He always prefers to remain as anonymous as possible.

  • Eddy

    CannaSkate Coordinator

    My name is Eduardo, I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1983 and I have been skating since the 1990s under the influence of the movie "Kids".
    In 2010 I opened a small shop in the city of Maia called Clandestina, a brand that until today is active and progressing. In 2014 I founded the North Skate Association which  held several events in the city of Porto and created the first space covered for the practice of the modality. Cannabis has played a key role during these years. Besides being a creative stimulus for the design of our products, it has also served as a relaxing and treatment for various types of pain.
    Nowadays, medical cannabis companies have been betting progressively on professional skaters precisely because of the positive and curative effects they have been presenting, attracting interest from other practitioners.

  • Gustavo "Mesk"

    My name is Gustavo, I was born in Porto in 1985 and I am currently a freelance illustrator, graduated in Digital Arts and Multimedia by ESAD de Matosinhos in 2008. I adopted the stage name "Mesk" in 2004 and since then I have been claiming space on city walls for where I spend with unique pieces of my own, using the technique of aerosol / graffiti painting. "Mesk" comes from mescaline because I relate the vivid colors and fluid forms present in my work to the effects associated with ingestion of the psychotropic in question. I support the use of hemp in a wide range of industrial sectors, both for its incredible versatility in terms of raw materials and the proven medicinal benefits of its derivatives. As a recreational substance, I have to say that a natural muscle consciousness raising / relaxing plant being banned reflects the path the Society is taking in this hopefully short cycle of resource destruction and nature reserves.

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