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the meeting place of cannabis culture in Portugal

CANNADOURO in 2017 has established itself as the meeting point for cannabis culture of the entire Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula, receiving visitors from the Algarve to Galicia. The city of Porto and Portugal became part of the international calendar of cannabis  fairs held in Europe. The 2nd EDITION OF CANNADOURO will be held on 17 and 18 November 2018 again at Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto.

The exhibition space of this year's edition will be expanded allowing the presence of more national and international companies related to the current uses of cannabis and that represent all the innovative and entrepreneurial capacity of this business sector. THE CONFERENCES continue to be a strong commitment to promote public debate concerning the use of hemp in all its aspects: industrial, recreational and medicinal, fighting the prejudice regarding this multi-versatile plant. Regarding recreational use,  Cannadouro Conferences aims to promote the conscious use of cannabis in order to prevent and minimize problems of individual and public health. On medicinal use CannaDouro again seeks to make accessible all the therapeutic potentialities and faculties of cannabis.


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17 de Novembro




O CBD como impulsionador da indústria da Cannabis Sativa L.

Humberto Nogueira, consultor agrícola

DEBATE moderado por Dinis Dias, vice-presidente da Cannativa

Cânhamo, a alternativa às grandes culturas

Tiago Padrão, Eng. Agrícola, consultor e agricultor

Projecto Kannabeira, Fundão

Jose Maraver

DEBATE moderado por Teresa Silveira, Vida Económica, suplemento Agro Vida



"Pacientes à Espera da Lei", de Laura Ramos

Série de reportagens sobre a utilização de Canábis Medicinal em Portugal e entrevistas com médicos,políticos e pacientes.

15.45h > 16.30
Ciclo de perguntas abertas à realizadora Laura Ramos.
17h > 18h

Debate "Propostas para o futuro da Cannabis em Portugal"

Cristina Rodrigues Deputada PAN (vídeo mensagem)
Moisés Ferreira Deputado BE
Ricardo Baptista Leite Deputado PSD (vídeo mensagem)
Moderação de David Pontes, Jornal Público


João Carvalho, Cannadouro
Laura Ramos, Cannapress

18 de Novembro


Segredos e truques para a agricultura sustentavel e aumentos de producão de cannabis

Helder Valente, New School Permaculture Team.
11h30 > 12h
DEBATE moderado por José Teixeira, biólogo

Apresentação SKREI "Utilização de betão de cânhamo na construção"

Mário Mota, arquitecto
César Cardoso, Eng. Civil
DEBATE moderado por Rute Eires, Professora da Universidade do Minho



Cannabis medicinal em Portugal legal, e agora?

Dr. Javier Pedraza, médico de família
Dr. Bruno Maia, Neurologista
16h > 16h45

Ciclo de perguntas abertas aos médicos


Faz esse: gerir o prazer e o risco no consumo de canábis

Daniel Martins, Associação Kosmicare
Inês Diniz, Associação Kosmicare
Pedro Monteiro, Associação Kosmicare

17h30 > 18h
DEBATE moderado por Teresa Velasquez, A Coletiva e Associação Kosmicare

Mesa redonda: "Dar voz às Mulheres Canábicas"

Cristiana Vale Pires, Associação Kosmicare
Ana Pereira, Ativista
Isa Bentes, Bloco Feminista da Marcha da Maconha
Laura Ramos, Cannapress
Moderado por Teresa Velasquez, A Coletiva e Associação Kosmicare


João Carvalho, Cannadouro
Laura Ramos, Cannapress
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    • Saturday,18
      11h > 20h
    • Domingo, 19
      11h > 20h
    • Access

      When you buy Cannadouro 2018 tickets the visitor accepts the rules of public access.

      Children under 18 will not be admitted, except when accompanied by parents or legal guardians.

      It is allowed the entry of animals with a leash.

      Entry of weapons or objects considered dangerous is prohibited.

      It is forbidden the entrance or permanence to people in evident state of embriagues and / or altered states of consciousness.

      The maximum capacity of the exhibition space is 2500 people / day.

      In the case of being forbidden the entrance to pre-purchased ticket holders for having reached the maximum limit of visitors / day, the value will be refunded.

      Visitor access to areas defined for professional use or reserved access zones is prohibited.

      The circulation of bicycles and skates or other similar equipment within the interior space of the fair is forbidden.

    • Forbidden PRODUCTS

      Visitors undertake not to expose, sell or offer any illegal substances (live plants, clones or any product containing THC).

      The sale of food and drink inside the fairground is prohibited.

      The use of flammable, toxic or dangerous products is not allowed, as well as producing smoke and flames inside the CannaDouro enclosure.

      All infringements resulted in the expulsion of the fairgrounds without any kind of compensation from the CannaDouro organization. The organization will also be unrelated to any type of responsibility in case of police action due to this infraction.

    • Smoking Prohibition

      It is totally forbidden to smoke inside the interior space of the fair during the period of operation to the public.

      Smoking is only allowed in the outdoor areas, all offenses will be punished according to the Law of Smoke nº 109/2015, of August 26

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